Saturday, October 2, 2010

Card Game Review-Blink

This is an uber-simple match 'n slap. Because I'm reviewing a simple game first, people might assume my focus is simple games. It's not. I'll be getting into the serious games soon enough.

Blink is short and fairly sweet. It's designed for 2 players, but can be played with 3 or using it as a single-elimination tournament.(This is right off the wrapper, you could probably tweak it for even more simultaneous players with very little imagination)

For adults/parents: This is a game to get if you have kids. The box says 7 and up, but I don't trust wrappers. And that's what a box is, a flashy, tougher wrapper. It's a good enough game that after watching your kids frantically fling cards(or flinging cards with your kids) you might fling a round or two with your spouse.  When playin' strict adults(teens and up) its a nice 2-minute-a-game distraction, but I lost interest fairly quickly when my mother beat me 3 games to 1. She has the reflexes of a walrus, and she creamed me. Ugh.

How it's played:
It's Set with easier, quicker play and fewer players. The deck of cards has five shapes, five colors, and cards with five different numbers of shapes, as you can tell if you squint at the illustrious photo I've provided you with. You split the deck between the players, each player lays one card face-down in the middle of your play area. Everyone draws three cards from their pile, and simultaneously flip their center card.  There are no turns, each person tries to play their cards on one of the stacks, and you can only play a card if it matches color, number, or shape.  First guy with no cards wins!

Quick and simple
Good for kids
You can pick it up at Kmart or other general stores for $6. No board game store necessary.

Too shallow to hold adults in its spell for long.

I'd give it a 6.2 out of 10. It really depends on whether you have young whipper-snappers or not.

I was going to write a post about how I would review things but decided I should just go ahead and review a game instead of telling you how I'm going to review a game.
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Photo taken from Out of the Box Productions' resource download page.


  1. I like the game just because it's short. My whipper-snappers also like the game. :)

  2. What's this? A comment? Amazing!

    Sometimes short is good, but I personally prefer longer games. But hey, that's only 'cause I'm a teen with loads of time on my hands.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I think this fast paced game has its place. I have some big box games but I do not alway have the time for such a game. What a great game!!!